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Barbarian: A Barbarian 5e is at all human tribesman that walks through a snowstorm, wrapped in fur and hauling his axe. He is not even afraid of the frost giant who challenged poach his people’s elk crowd and also laughs at him.

A half-orc growls at the current challenger to her position over their savage tribe prepared to break his neck with her exposed hands as she did to the last six contenders.

Barbarian 5E D&D

You can characterize different Barbarians by their rage: unbridled, unquenchable, and unthinking fury. In excess of a simple feeling, their anger is the savagery of a cornered predator. try more d&d guide

Barbarian guide

For a few, their rage springs from a fellowship with furious animal spirits. For each barbarian, rage is a power that powers a fight furore as well as uncanny reflexes, flexibility, and feats of strength.

The Barbarian’s 5E Table Dungeons and Dragons

Level           Proficiency Bonus            Features                                Rages       Rage Damage

1st                                +2                              Rage, Unarmored Defense          2              +2

2nd                               +2                        Reckless Attack, Danger Sense         2             +2

3rd                                +2                                          Primal Path                          3            +2

4th                                +2                        Ability Score Improvement                 3            +2

5th                                 +3                      Extra Attack, Fast Movement               3              +2

6th                                +3                                    Path feature                                 4              +2

7th                               +3                                   Feral Instinct                                  4              +2

8th                               +3                   Ability Score Improvement                          4              +2

9th                                +4                       Brutal Critical (1 die)                                 4              +3

10th                             +4                           Path Feature                                              4            +3

11th                             +4                      Relentless Rage                                              4              +3

12th                             +4               Ability Score Improvement                                 5              +3

13th                               +5           Brutal Critical (2 dice)                                            5              +3

14th                              +5                    Path feature                                                       5              +3

15th                               +5           Persistent Rage                                                         5              +3

16th                                +5           Ability Score Improvement                                    5              +4

17th                                +6           Brutal Critical (3 dice)                                              6              +4

18th                                  +6           Indomitable Might                                                   6              +4

19th                                    +6           Ability Score Improvement                                    6              +4

20th                                  +6           Primal Champion Unlimited            +4


Class Features

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d12 per level

Hit Points at 1st level: 12 + Con mod

Hit Points at Higher levels: 1d12 + Con mod per level above 1st.

Skills of Barbarian

Armour of Barbarian: shields, Light armor, medium armor

Weapons of Barbarian: Martial weapons, Simple weapons

Tools of Barbarian: None

Sparing Throws of Barbarian: Strength, Constitution

Abilities of Barbarian: Choose two: Athletics, Animal Handling, Perception, Intimidation, Nature, and Survival.


Choose: a greataxe or any martial melee weapon

Choose: two handaxes; or any basic weapon

A traveller’s pack and four spears


In a fight, you battle with a primal ferocity. As a bonus activity on your turn in the battle, you can enter a rage. While raging, you gain the accompanying advantages, as long as you aren’t wearing a substantial shield. Wizard 5e

When you make a melee weapon assault utilizing Strength, you gain a +2 to the harm roll. This reward increment to +3 at the ninth level, and +4 at the sixteenth level. You have protection from bludgeoning, piercing, and physical damage

Unarmed Defence

When you are not wearing any armor you can still wear a shield and use the benefits to gain a bonus.

Risk Sense

At the second level, you gain an uncanny feeling of when things close-by aren’t as they ought to be, giving you an edge when you avoid far from a threat.

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